International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics
Sociedad Argentina de Biofisica

XIV International Biophysics Congress
Buenos Aires · Argentina · April 27- May 1, 2002



It is a great honor for us to invite you, on behalf of the Sociedad Argentina de Biofísica and the International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics to participate in the XIVth International Biophysics Congress, which will take place in Buenos Aires from April 27 to May 1, 2002. This will be the first International Biophysics Congress in the XXI Century, and also the first in the Southern Hemisphere. Argentina has a long scientific tradition in biological sciences; since 1945, scientists either working (B. Houssay and F. Leloir) or trained (C. Milstein) in Argentina have been distinguished with the Nobel Prize. The Argentine Biophysical Society (Sociedad Argentina de Biofísica, SAB) was founded in 1972 and is the oldest Biophysical Society in Latin America. It began as an informal discussion group of scientists interested in bio-membranes, transport processes, ATPases, and physiological biophysics. A few years later, physicists interested in biological problems started to participate actively in the Society. Very early in its life, in 1973, the Argentine Society of Biophysics was accepted as a member of IUPAB and it has remained as such since then. It is also noteworthy that since its establishment, SAB has uninterruptedly held an annual scientific meeting. Most of these meetings have been independent ones, but in accord with SAB's established policy of promoting communication and co-operation between Scientific Societies with related interests, some of the meetings have been held jointly with other scientific societies. SAB also participated actively in the organization and in planning the scientific program of the IV Pan-American Biochemistry Congress.

To foster international co-operation in Biophysics, and in the belief that collaboration between Societies that represent the interests of Biophysics should be promoted, SAB organized in 1987 the first Southern Cone Congress of Biophysics. We believe this was an important step towards the integration of Biophysics in South American countries. We are happy to be able to state that the idea has flourished. Three additional Meetings of Biophysicists of the Southern Cone have now taken place: one in Chile (1990) and the others in Brazil (1995 and 2000), organized by the respective local societies with the active co-operation of SAB. In line with the idea of regional co-operation, SAB organized the III Ibero-American Congress of Biophysics, which was held in Buenos Aires during 1997. On many occasions, SAB has also either organized or sponsored successful international events aiming towards the integration of Latin-American Biophysicists. Biophysics is an active research area in Argentina. Most of the more than 200 members of SAB are involved in University teaching. Biophysics is taught in Schools of Biochemistry, Medicine, Agricultural Sciences and Dentistry among others. In several Universities there are postgraduate level courses in different biophysical subjects. On this connection Biophysical Methods for Diagnosis and Treatment is a Special Topic of the XIV International Biophysics Congress.

It will be a pleasure for the Society and for its members to host their colleagues from the entire world during the IUPAB International Congress in Buenos Aires in 2002. We are confident that Buenos Aires, a cultural pole of South America, will fulfill all the requirements for the 14th World Congress of Biophysics.


President Dr. Mario Parisi

Secretary General Dr. Jorge E. Ponce-Hornos